Dawn Brown – Married 9.18.2020

Ok ladies, let me start off by saying that I'm very picky when it comes to picking a venue for a wedding. Why? Not only was I looking for a fabulous place to have my wedding but I'm also an event planner. So I know what it's like to be on both sides of this thing. And let me assure you this is not a paid review but it is coming freely from deep in my heart.

LiUNA Event Center and the team there are ABSOLUTELY TOP NOTCH, in everything they do. I scouted out quite a few places and no one could beat their customer service, their personality, their venue and especially not their food!

From the very beginning the team (whole looked more to me like a big happy family) was very welcoming. They answered every question I had and constantly let me know that it was my day and I could make as many changes as I wanted. They are very flexible and offer suggestions for your day without being pushy or making you feel like you're wasting their time.

Their tasting experience was beautiful. They give you a real feel of what your event will be like with a generous sample of great food. And all of the team is moving around answering questions and getting acquainted with ALL of the guest. This went a long way with me. Nancy, after not seeing me for more than 6 months (due to the pandemic) was even able to quote my tagline on my email. So ladies, they do pay great attention to detail.

I had my event during this scary pandemic and they were very knowledgeable about what could and couldn't be done and they took every measure to make sure the guests were moved through the screening process quickly and that they felt comfortable and safe at our event. And my guests gave us big compliments on the venue and food and that's coming from the twenty something crowd all the way up to the seniors.

Thank you so much to Kip, Nancy, Michelle, Ashley, Bob and Ms. Erika. Joe, I and every guest that I spoke with love you. I wouldn't have been able to have such a wonderful day without you.

Please give LiUNA a really good look because the amount of customer service, care and attentiveness you get from them is well worth your time and money. And you will have cherished memories to last a lifetime.


Dave Z. Nickelson-Rueschhoff

LiUNA was the best venue that we could have ever asked for to host our wedding reception. From the moment that we signed our contract to the actual date of our wedding event, everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) was ABSOLUTELY wonderful to work with. 

They made the process easy and seamless. With all of the hustle and bustle of planning weddings, we knew that LiUNA had us covered and we trusted them completely with all of the details. To say they delivered was an understatement!!! The venue space is absolutely gorgeous as well and they made sure to listen to what we wanted and delivered on everything without fail. For those who are considering event spaces for your wedding reception, please consider LiUNA. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the best, I would have to rate them a 20! 

Nancy and Kip were awesome to work with throughout the contract signing experience and tastings and our wedding coordinator Michelle was simply spectacular. Michelle's staff the night of the event were amazing as well!! Emails or phone messages sent of left inquiring about something (regardless of how small it was it) were promptly returned and we both truly felt that customer service was most something that was so very important to the staff at LiUNA! In today's day and age when the definition of service has lost its meaning, LiUNA redefines what exceptional service really means and sets the bar so high that other places would be hard to come close to meeting the same level of service! Thank you again LiUNA for delivering everything we could have dreamed of!

You guys are AMAZING!!! 

Bryan Meitz, Married on 4.20.19

LIUNA is an amazing place for any special need you might have. I had my reception for my wedding there and they took care of me and my wife like we were family. THE FOOD WAS HANDS DOWN, the best I’ve ever had at any reception. Nancy, Kip, AND Michelle are phenomenal to work with and will take care of anything you ask . I highly recommend LIUNA for that special occasion because they truly made it special for us!! 


Constance Payne, Married on 5.18.2019

Would rate 11:10 if possible! The entire staff was amazing to deal with. 

Nancy is spectacular as a coordinator and our night of event coordinator (Michelle) worked her butt off. 

Every member of the staff was excellent to work with and eager to please. 

Our bartender was the best sport of the night! She tended bar all evening in a wooly Chewbacca set of jammies and didn’t complain once. 

We have been their biggest recruiters since finding this place and cannot speak highly enough of the value for the quality.  


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